“Besan ki Sondhi roti pe khatti chutney jaisi Maa Yaad aati hai chauka vaasan chimta foonkni jaisi Maa” famous lines by Poet Nida Fazli n beautifully sung by Pankaj Udhas.

What a great day it is for me. Today is the B’day of my MOM- My Creator.

Maa,Mom,Mummy,Mumma,Amma,Ammi,Matre,Umm…… Be it in any language this is the first word which every child learns to speak. Being the eldest daughter in my family I always got more love,care n attention as compared to my siblings. Me n my Mom not only share that special Mother Daughter bond but she is my first Guru, My Teacher, My Guide, My Best friend too.

Though, now I live miles apart from her but still in every happiness or sadness she is the first one whom I remember. N same is the case with her too.

Even my son is so fond of her. Whenever we are in India, they both would sit together n chat for hours n hours. Their topic ranges from Politics to Technology to History to T.V…………

I still remember when I was in my teens n I used to make map shaped chapatis, she always used to encourage me to get better n now that I’ve started this blog of mine, I can sense a feeling of pride for me in her heart. With every new post of mine I can sense n feel her wishes n blessings.

I was thinking what should I make for her B’day, what can I give her,who has given me everything. Then I just closed my eyes, n thought to make something simple,the way she is, yet different,the way she does things. So made this simple sweet Barfi but in a different way- by giving it a Watermelon shape.

I wish I could have made an elaborate meal of all her favorite dishes but….. But whenever I’m in India I make sure to try out all my experiments in her kitchen n she being a Mom just loves them all. Love u Mamma.

May God bless you with good health n happiness. I think I need to stop myself from pouring my emotions. So coming to this simple sweet easy to make yet yumm Barfi/Fudge.

Mawa/Khoya- 250 gms
Powdered Sugar- 200 gms
Red food color- 4-5 drops
Green food color- 3-4 drops
White Choco chips- 1 tbsp Dark Choco chips- 2 tbsp
Grate or crumble the Mawa.

Roast in a heavy bottomed or non stick pan just for 3-4 mins.

Take it out in a dish or a bowl. And let it cool down to room temperature.

Next add powdered sugar to the roasted mawa.

Mix it well.

Divide this mix in two parts. To one part add Red color n mix well. Add both choco chips to it n mix well.

Divide the second part further into two parts.

Keep one part as it is. To the second part add green color n mix well.

So now we have three different colored doughs-White,Red n Green.

Keep them in fridge for about half an hour.

After half an hour take out from the fridge. They will be well set by now n easy to work with.

Take a portion from red colored dough n make a lemon size ball.

Take a lemon sized portion from green dough n white dough.

Flatten these two to about 6-7 cm diameter circular discs.

Place green disc. Top it with white disc. In the centre place the red colored ball. Now cover the ball with both the doughs from all the sides.

(If the dough is sticking to your palms you can grease them with oil/ ghee). So now you will get a big ball having all three colors.

Similarly repeat the process with the remaining dough. You can make two more balls.

Keep them in FREEZER for 2-3 hrs.

🔺We have to keep them in freezer so that the individual layers are all well set separately n they don’t get merged into each other while cutting.

🔺By keeping them in freezer the separate colors will also be well incorporated n they wont bleed into each other while cutting.

After that take them out n cut each ball into four parts.

Voila you will see beautiful watermelon slices.