The moment the word DIET comes to your mind the bowls of Salads n Soups strike you. Isn’t it?
But what if I say these cute cups of joy are not only a delight to see but a treat for your taste buds too.
No Sugar
No fat
Still a Dessert
Low in Calories
Will keep your hunger pangs & sweet tooth at bay while maintaining your waist.
This is a super-healthy, guilt-free dessert.
I’ve used protein-rich Greek yogurt, antioxidant-abundant berries.
It’s simple
It’s delicious
Full on Taste n yet not compromising with your Health.
  • Greek yogurt/ hung yogurt- 750gms
  • Mango pulp- ½ cup( use a sweeter variety of mango, I used Alphonso)
  • Strawberry pulp- ½ cup
  • Blueberry pulp- ½ cup
  • Blackberry pulp- ½ cup
  • Raspberry pulp- ½ cup
  • Biscuits- 8-10 ( Grind them to a powder like consistency)
  • ( I’ve used digestive biscuits. You can use whatever is available with you)
  •  Few fruits to garnish.
    Greek Yogurt is yogurt drained of all its water. It can be made very easily at home. Tie some curd in a muslin cloth and leave it hanging for at least 5-6 hours or till all the water drains out. You can put this muslin cloth in a colander placed on a bowl. So that all the whey gets collected in the bowl. Keep this in fridge to avoid any sourness. After 5-6 hrs whey will get separated n collected in the bowl and the thick Hung or Greek Yogurt is ready to use
     In a blender blend the fruits individually.

    5 Fruit pulps are ready.

    Divide yogurt into 5 parts.

     Mix pulp and yogurt well with the help of a whisk in separate bowls.

     Now in your serving glass/ bowl/ dish put biscuit layer first.
    Press it firmly.(You can skip this part if you don’t want to use biscuits).

    Gently put fruity yogurt over it so as not to disturb the biscuit layer. Make as many layers as you want.
    it in the fridge for 2-3 hrs. The moisture from the yogurt will set the biscuit layer and it’ll become little moist.
    Before serving garnish it with fruits and pulp.
    Enjoy your yummmyyyy YOGURBERRY n that too Guiltfree.