Rajgira flour Halwa

Rajgira flour Halwa
Rajgira flour Halwa/ Amaranth flour Halwa
Scrumptious pudding made with Rajgira flour or Amaranth flour and is apt for people who are fasting. It is a gluten free dessert and can be eaten for vrat or fasting days.
Preparation Time: 5 minutes 
Cooking Time: 15 minutes 
Total Time: 20 minutes 
Serves: 3-4
Rajgira Flour- 1 cup
Clarified Butter/ Ghee- 1/2 cup
Sugar- 3/4 th cup
Milk or Water- 1.5 cups
Cardamom powder- 1 teaspoon 
Cashews- 8-10, slivered 
Almonds- 8-10, slivered 
Pista slivers- 1 tablespoon 
Dried Rose Petals- to garnish(Optional)
We will start by heating the ghee in a heavy bottomed kadai or pan.
Next, add flour to the hot ghee and start roasting it.

Meanwhile, Keep stirring and frying the atta continuously till its color changes to golden brown color, you may add half of the slivered cashews and almonds. And reserve half for garnishing. This way nuts will also get roasted along with the flour. 
There is no need to roast pistachios.
Add in cardamom powder too.
When the flour  is roasted nicely, changes to chocolatey brown color, you get the aroma of roasted flour and also begins to release ghee, add in the milk.
Keep on stirring vigorously so that there are no lumps. 
When the flour mix absorbs all the milk add in sugar.
Mix everything well.

When halwa reaches to a semi thick or thick consistency, and halwa releases ghee, switch off the flame.
Garnish with slivered nuts.
Serve it either hot or warm.