Mulberry Galette

Mulberry Galette
 Mulberry Galette 
An easy peasy Galette which is delightfully delicious, flaky and crispy. Pie crust kind of base topped with yummy and juicy Mulberries and nuts.
Preparation Time: 20-25 minutes 
Cooking Time: 25-30 minutes 
Makes: 2 Galettes of 12 and 6 inches 


All Purpose Flour/Maida- 2 cups 
Cornflour- 1/4th cup
Cold Soft Unsalted Butter- 1/2 cup or about 100 grams 
Sugar- 2 tablespoon 
Salt- 2 pinches
Cold Milk or Water- 1/4th- 1/2 cup
Flour for Dusting


Mulberries- 3 cups
Sugar- 3 teaspoon 
Cinnamon Powder- 1/2 teaspoon 
Walnuts+Almond Slivers+Pine nuts- 1/4th cup


Melted Butter- 2 Tablespoon 
Sugar for sprinkling- 1 teaspoon


In a bowl, add flours, salt and sugar and mix well.

Then add butter and again mix it and rub the flour between your palms and make coarse mixture.

Now start adding milk slowly to make stiff dough.

Combine into a dough, but do not knead.

Cling wrap the dough. And refrigerate for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Meanwhile toss the berries, sugar and cinnamon together in a large bowl.

Set the oven for preheating at 180*c.

After half an hour or so take out the chilled dough from the fridge.

Divide it into two portions. I wanted a big and one small galette so I divided dough into 2:1.

Make ball of the divided portion.

Now dust some flour on the working place, take a ball.

Roll the dough into a 12-inch round about 1/2 cm thick. 

Line a baking tray with parchment paper.

Gently place the rolled dough circle on the parchment paper.

Pile the fruit filling onto the center of the dough, slightly mounding it in the center and leaving a 2-inch border around the edge. Sprinkle nuts too.

Fold the rim of the dough up and over the edge of the filling, overlapping the dough as you go around and pleating the dough.

The folded rim pleats should look rustic. But if you want neat edges you can trim the edges.

Using a pastry brush, apply the melted butter on the pleated edges.

Sprinkle some sugar also over it.

In the same way prepare the other galette too.

Place the prepared baking tray into the oven and bake at 180*c for 30-35 minutes or until the crust is a deep golden-brown and the fruit is cooked.

Transfer the parchment with the galette on to a wire rack and cool completely.

Cut the galette into wedges and serve.

You can serve it with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream and enjoy the dessert.

I have served it with vanilla ice cream( store bought) and Mulberry Compote.


You can use other fruits too like peaches, apple, pineapples or other berries as per your choice.

You can store the prepared dough in an air tight container for 3-4 days and stored in the refrigerator.