Gur ki Roti/ Jaggery Flatbread

Gur ki Roti/ Jaggery Flatbread
Gur ki Roti/ Jaggery Flatbread 
Gur ki Roti is an absolute winter delight. 
These delicious flatbreads or Rotis are made with Whole wheat flour, Jaggery, spices such as Cardamom and fennel are added to the dough to give extra flavors and Sesame seeds.
What else do you want from a Roti/ chapati when it is packed with all the minerals and vitamins?
Preparation Time: 30 minutes 
Cooking Time: 10 minutes 
Makes- 6 Flatbreads

Whole Wheat Flour/ Atta- 2 cups 
Water- 1 cup
Jaggery/ Gur- 1 cup
Fennel seeds/ Saunff- 2 teaspoon 
Sesame seeds/ Til- 1 tablespoon 
Green Cardamom- 4, husks removed.
Ghee or Oil as required 
Dry flour to roll chapatis


In a pan put water and jaggery and cook on a slow flame till the jaggery dissolves. 
Cool completely. Once cooled strain the jaggery liquid.

Coarsely grind the cardamom seeds.

Combine the wheat flour, melted jaggery water, fennel seeds, sesame seeds and crushed cardamom seeds in a deep bowl and knead into a semi-stiff dough.
If you want you can add little bit of more water.
Cover and keep aside the dough for 15-20 minutes.

After that give the dough a quick knead again.
Divide the dough into 6 equal portions.
With the help of a rolling pin and dusted dry flour on counter top roll out each portion into a (6") diameter circle.

Heat a non-stick tawa (griddle) and cook on one side for few seconds.
Flip it over. Cook on other side too for few seconds.
Apply some ghee on top and flip again. Press gently with the help of a spatula.

Cook till it turns golden brown in colour.
Flip again and cook on other side too.

Your Gur Roti is ready.
Serve hot.
You can serve with curd, chilli pickle, pickle, butter.